The Baavet Story Continues

04.05.2024 295

Hi, it's Roger here. Along with Lesley, we are the founders of Baavet, an idea that continues to grow and evolve. This is the first post on a brand new blog. Over the years we've been sharing in a few places across social media and perhaps we are already connected on:Instagram - Facebook - You


22.05.2024 238

Birthdays are MilestonesAnd Baavet has reached a 15-year milestone. In this post Roger and Lesley, recount the company's journey from starting in small factory units in Harlech to moving to bigger premises in Porthmadog.They talk about the challenges of surviving the COVID-19 shutdown, and how the p

Can you wash a Baavet wool pillow?

29.05.2024 186

Discover the benefits of Baavet's natural wool filled pillows. Learn how to care for and maintain your wool pillows for long-lasting comfort and support

Which Baavet Wool Pillow Should You Buy?

28.05.2024 163

The post is discusses Baavet wool pillows, highlighting their customisable features and the benefits of using a wool pillow. It includes a video tutorial on choosing the right pillow option based on sleep position and shoulder width, and another on adjusting the pillow filling to achieve the perfect

Why Buy A Wool Pillow?

10.06.2024 200

A Baavet wool pillow offers unparalleled breathability, moisture-wicking, temperature regulation, and resistance to dust mites, mould, and bacteria, making them a healthier choice for a great night's sleep.

How To Maintain Your Baavet Wool Duvet.

12.06.2024 263

With minimal maintenance, your Baavet wool duvet can stay fresh for many years. Unlike cotton or synthetic options, wool has natural self-cleaning abilities that mean you can skip the frequent washes.Simply air it in the sunshine every so often. This eliminates odors and bacteria without any harsh c

Choosing the Right Weight Wool Duvet

24.06.2024 246

Which Weight Wool Duvet Should You Buy? The answer might surprise you.At Baavet, we get asked this question a lot. The truth is, finding the right weight wool duvet comes down to your personal sleep preferences and environment. In this post, we share our expert advice on how to determine the ideal d

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