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67% of adults in the UK suffer from disrupted sleep.

Overheating is a major contributor to poor sleep.
Constantly throwing the duvet off, or sticking your leg out to try to cool off is what we hear all the time. If you are one of the 67% of the population that suffer then a wool duvet may be the holy grail of the good night's sleep that you've been searching for.

Are you looking for a top quality product that supports British farmers and British manufacturing?

Baavet Natural Wool Duvets made in Britain using 100% British wool.......guaranteed!

Baavet wool duvets are made using the finest natural materials, 100% British wool fillings sourced directly from local farms, and Oeko Tex Standard 100 pure cotton casings. The natural antibacterial properties of wool, along with its inherent ability to regulate both temperature and moisture, create the best possible conditions for a healthy natural night’s sleep. No chemicals, no fire retardants, no man-made fibres. Just perfect.

**Please note** if you have a memory foam mattress a wool duvet is unlikely to completely solve the problem of overheating caused by the mattress.

A tog rating is only given as a general comparison. Wool duvets are sold by the gram weight of wool per square metre and are warmer than equivalent polyester or feather tog rating gram for gram. And therefore a lighter weight can be used. At the same time it will be cooler giving a greater range of months of the year for use.

If you are still unsure give us a ring, we are always happy to talk.


We recommend airing your Baavet products before use, this will allow them to loft and regain their bounce after being in the packaging. This will also allow the lanolin residue in the wool to dissipate.

The lanolin residue in each product will vary according to the source of the wool.  This is perfectly natural and will dissipate over time.

To keep your Baavet products fresh and clean we recommend airing them outside on a sunny day at least a couple of times a year where possible.  Hanging them out of a window is also useful if you don't have an outside space. 

Ultra Violet light from the sun will kill any dust mites on the surfaces and the fresh air will help to keep the fillings fresh and clean.


We also offer a made to measure service especially for unusual sized beds either large or small, as for caravans, please e-mail or phone us with your request.