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Are you looking for a product that supports British farmers and British manufacturing?

Baavet wool and cotton filled pet beds made in Britain using 100% British wool guaranteed!

These Baavet pet products are the ultimate in pet comfort and health, made from 100% natural materials with all the features of our wonderful Baavet quilts, breathable, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, and very, very comfortable, and the inners are naturally resistant to pet odours, so no more stinky dog beds - amazing!

Our unique 3 layered system gives you the ultimate in pet beds:

Layer 1 - A durable, hard wearing 100% cotton outer, easy to remove and machine washable. Also available with a spare cover.
Layer 2 - A high quality cambric cotton sealed layer holding the Baavet quilt.
Layer 3 - The secret to the whole thing a 100% natural cotton quilt containing 100% pure wool as soft and warm as when it left the sheep.

All filled with a cotton and wool mix stuffing for a super comfy bed.

Wool is naturally antibacterial so your Baavet pet bed will not smell, just wash the cover and the bed will be as fresh as the day you bought it.

All of our pet beds have removable cotton machine washable covers.

Why not give your pet a really healthy and comfortable alternative to man made fibres. Our dogs just love them and your pet will just love them too.

Why not give your pet the best pet bed on the market a pure wool duvet.

After Care

Your pet bed cover can be machine washed as per the care label.

The pet bed inner cushions should not be machine washed. These should be aired regularly outside on a sunny day.

If the cushion inners become soiled, rinse them thoroughly under a warm stream of water from a shower head.  A small amount of gentle soap can be applied to the surface if required.

Gently squeeze out the excess water and hang outside to dry.