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Baavet Wool Filled Pillow (75 x 50cm)

The natural choice for a great nights sleep.

Our pillows are filled with tiny wool balls that give outstanding head and neck support,  with a zipped percale cotton cover that can be removed and washed on a hot cycle, and tumble dried. The zip also lets you get at the wool so that it can be fluffed up thoroughly whenever needed.

With two different fill levels, there's a Baavet wool filled pillow to suit everyone.

Our MEDIUM fill pillow is a great all rounder, suitable for back or side sleepers, whilst our FIRM fill pillow is ideal for those that like a higher pillow with a little less give.

If you're not sure which pillow will suit you don't worry, with the new zipped opening you can easily add or remove wool to suit your needs.

**the Baavet wool filled pillow will benefit greatly from a daily fluffing up. We recommend you fluff up the pillow by tapping all around the outside edge of the pillow using flat open palms, this will help to keep the wool balls separated and keep the pillow full of air. Occasionally empty the wool from your pillow into a bag or container before washing the outer cover only. Fluff the loose wool thoroughly before refilling the cover.**

The British Bed Federation recommends replacing your pillows every 18-24 months, this is due to the build up of allergens such as dust mite droppings, mould spores and bacteria in a standard synthetic or feather pillow. In our wool filled pillow the allergens are greatly reduced as wool is an inhospitable environment for allergen production. So sleep easy knowing your wool pillow is clean and fresh.

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