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Winter Weight Bundle.

Made with locally sourced British wool and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified cotton.

Winter weight duvet, mattress protector and pillow/s.

Save up to 25% on our items when you buy a bundle.

The bundle includes a winter weight Baavet wool duvet, with a filling of approx. 550gms of wool per m/2. like 13 tog rating, a Baavet wool mattress protector and a Baavet wool pillow/s.

This duvet is most suited to the colder months of the year, for people who feel the cold or prefer some weight on the bed, it's perfect for those who live in colder, poorly heated houses.

PLEASE NOTE - A Bundle is considered a single item order, we will not accept partial returns on any bundle orders.

All Baavet duvets sit on the bed with the channels running across the bed rather than top to toe.

Tog Rating.

A tog rating is only given as a general comparison. Wool duvets are sold by the gram weight of wool per square metre and are warmer than equivalent polyester or feather tog rating gram for gram and therefore a lighter weight can be used. At the same time, it will be cooler giving a greater range of months of the year for use.

Size Guide:

Single: 135cm x 200cm

Double: 200cm x 200cm

King size: 225cm x 220cm

Super king: 260cm x 220cm

We recommend airing your Baavet products before use, this will allow them to loft and regain their bounce after being in the packaging. This will also allow the lanolin residue in the wool to dissipate. The lanolin residue in each product will vary according to the source of the wool. This is perfectly natural and will dissipate over time.


Wool is a naturally self-cleaning fibre that actively repels dust mites, mould spores, and bacteria.

Your Baavet wool duvet will benefit greatly from being outside on a sunny day as UV light is a natural cleaner that will kill any surface dust mites and bacteria, we recommend you try to air your Baavet at least a couple of times a year.

Your Baavet wool duvet does not need washing unless visibly soiled. If your Baavet becomes visibly soiled, then spot wash smaller stains. If a spot wash is not practical then you can handwash your Baavet, with care. Leave the Baavet to soak in cool water, drain and refill the water, soak again, gently sponging any stains. Drain the water and hang to dry.

Any dry cleaning should also be a very gentle process.

If in doubt, contact Baavet at

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