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A beautifully light yet cosy cot duvet made with our top quality percale cotton and fluffy layers of British wool.

This mini Baavet will give your little one a cosy night’s sleep without overheating, regulating their temperature whilst helping to maintain a clean and fresh sleeping environment.

Size 120cm x 150cm


Wool is a naturally self cleaning fibre that actively repels dust mites, mould spores, and bacteria.  Your Baavet wool duvet does not need washing unless visibly soiled. Your Baavet wool duvet will benefit greatly from being outside on a sunny day as UV light is a natural cleaner, we recommend you try to air your Baavet at least once a year.  If your Baavet becomes visibly soiled then spot wash smaller stains.  If a spot wash is not practical then you can wash your Baavet, with care. Wool will shrink if it is washed too aggressively or if subject to anything more than warm water so use a very delicate wash at low temperature. Spin and then hang to dry away from direct heat.

Any dry cleaning should also be a very gentle process.

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